The Beat Generation

The Haunted Life and Other Writings by Jack Kerouac

Paul Maher Jr. considers Kerouac’s Haunted Life

The Haunted Life and Other Writings / Da Capo Press / March 11, 2014 / 208 pp.Seventy years ago, in May 1944, Jack Kerouac toiled over a novella-length work set in Lowell, Massachusetts. It was written at the prompting of his two newest friends, the … [read more...]

Allen Ginsberg / William Blake  Songs of Innocence and Experience

Aural Dialectics: On Allen Ginsberg’s Musical Rendition of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience

William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience (1789) is a collection of illuminated poems separated into two groupings, Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, that engage with their respective, eponymous forces and ostensibly present them as a … [read more...]

Paul Bowles (detail). Photo by Birgit Stephenson

Calling on Paul Bowles: Tangier, Morocco, August 1979

Calling on Paul Bowles Tangier, Morocco, August 1979”There it is,” someone says, and in the darkness, in the distance, you can see Tangier sprawled across several hills, a white city illuminated by electric lights and veiled by a thin fog. … [read more...]




A Review of Joseph Ridgwell’s Cuba: In Search of Hemingway

Turning the first page on the handsewn binding of Joseph Ridgwell’s Cuba: In Search of Hemingway feels like something special. Like discovering the splintered edges of a treasure chest through sand. Or something you might unexpectedly luck on at the … [read more...]


Revenge of the Imagist Socialist Poetry

We are the revenge of all oppressed, despised, ignored, exploited, beaten, insulted, neglected, abused, molested humans in the world as being fighters for their rights with our poems and essays.We are the revenge of the Poetry Art and we are fighting … [read more...]

Alex Preston - In Love and War

Book Review – Alex Preston’s In Love and War.

In Love and War is the third novel from Alex Preston, following 2010's This Bleeding City – which won The Edinburgh International Book Festival Readers’ First Book Award, and was chosen as one of Waterstones’ New Voices of 2010 – and its follow-up, The … [read more...]



Fields of Glamour (detail) by Magda Dudziak

9 New collages by Magda Dudziak

Artist's Statement: My recent collage work reflects my interest in fragmentation (fragments of memory) and displacement. I’m interested to deconstruct and interpret already existing images to create new meaning(s). … [Read More...]

-blue 11 no. 2 (detail) by bruno neiva

re-blues 11 series

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The Demiurge (detail) by Joanna Marcjanna

Tales from the future: collages by Joanna Marcjanna

Artist's Statement: Collage is just the best thing ever, because, guess what - it is so easy! Too lazy and impatient for actual drawing or painting, I got interested in collage as a perfect way to look for new meanings of things, tell stories and 'paint' … [Read More...]

5 O'Clock Shadow by Katherine Jeanne Wood

Seven paintings by Katherine Jeanne Wood

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…the clouds looked like they were bought at Target or Walmart and then someone hung them up in the sky

I was walking through an empty parking lot, staring down at the ground as I walked.There were dead galaxies and black holes scattered across the pavement.I liked them and found them all very pretty.Then, while looking down at the … [Read More...]


7 new poems by Sam Silva

MY FRIENDS AND I, WE STOLE THE SUMMERMy friends and I, we stole the summer and its rain in stumbling secret conversation about the brilliant ways of the city...all of its joy and all of its pain!In a little room I call my friends and … [Read More...]




This High

My first attempt at rolling a joint was rather pathetic. It looked more like a small turd covered in paper than something to be smoked. And not knowing to remove the twigs and seeds — of which it had many — the loosely rolled number disconcertingly popped … [Read More...]