I was born with poetry I cried for poetry I bled from poetry seven months out of the womb born at home, eager for the poemin the morning the poems rise with the fog at night they nest in my eyespoetry is my lover she undresses my mind like a burlesque dancerPoems nailed to the walls of my heart.poems jump from the keyboard escape outside fly … [Read more...]

I Am San Francisco

  I have witnessed the waterfront decay the ships disappear the piers given over to tourists and sunbathing sea lionsGone the Haight Theater in the old Haight Ashbury where as a kid I paid a dime to see two movies a serial and a newsreelGone the old Embassy Theater on Market Street where they spun the Wheel of Fortune playing Ten-O-Win with a busty … [Read more...]


Like a crow caws into the night, like an owl with its questioning eyes, like a Shaman lights the night with magic words, like a hawk circles the sky, like a farmer plants seeds, like a magician skilled in illusion, you hurled the boulders of darkness into the face of death played the game out on your own terms forced death to her knees before surrendering on your own … [Read more...]


who would have thought skittles and ice tea was a death sentence not even Dr. Ozwhen a black boy with a dream walks home alone at nighthard rain falling lady death whisper in the air a boy with a dream walks home at night to watch an all-star basketball game gunned down by a wanna-be cop and Florida's "stand your ground" license to kill law when a … [Read more...]

New Poetry Release! A.D. Winans – In the Dead Hours of Dawn

New Release from Bottle of Smoke Press:A.D. Winans - In the Dead Hours of DawnPoetry, 32 pages. 8 1/2" x 11 1/4". A new book of poems by award winning poet A.D. Winans consists of poems not previously published in any of his previous fifty-three books of poetry. The cover is printed on Fabriano Tiziano paper using hand-set 12 line Bradley wood type and 54 point Satanic … [Read more...]

6 Poems by A.D. Winans

POEM FOR RUTH WEISSshe grooves with time day time, night time be bop jazz time dances with timeless time all rhythm no rhyme birds in flight flap their wings copulate with the wind a magician's illusion where time and words move from celibate to wild orgy feed off the flesh of the other pause in roller coaster freeze stop motion she sings her song another day … [Read more...]


There are poets who like To dance with words Dance for favors and illusionary Poetry careers But dancing for an audience Isn’t like feeling the rhythm That rubs up against the soul Odetta, Buffy Saint-Marie Phil Ochs, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger Billy Bragg Were living proof of thisMoney pigeonholes Power corrupts The spiritual truth The scriptures tell us … [Read more...]

Looking Back

When I was 18 I was on a troop train heading for basic training when we stopped to take on water or whatever it is trains stop for and after relieving myself I came out of the men's room when an elderly black man asked me where the men's room was and when I pointed in the direction of where I had just come from he said, "No, Sir. "The Colored room." And being from … [Read more...]

A.D. Winans on A.D. Winans

I was born in San Francisco, and have lived here almost my entire life. I was born at home, premature. My mother said the doctor told her I would not live a long life. Now I'm 71 and the doctor is long dead.My father was seventeen years older than my mother, and they fought constantly... When my mother wasn't yelling at my father, she was yelling at me. This left deep … [Read more...]