About Bradford Middleton

Bradford Middleton was born in south-east London in 1971 and spent the next thirty years trying to escape. He now lives in Brighton and has been trying to escape here since about 2008. He has won a few local competitions, has been published widely online and will one day complete his novel, DIVE. If you wish you can follow his activities on Twitter at @beatnikbraduk or over at Facebook where he has a page. At either of these there are links to plenty more of his stories and poems.

6 poems by Bradford Middleton

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This life of mine has become trapped In the lacklustre slow lane of a side road Labelled no turning back from here With no sign of hope or salvation out On the horizon of life that has now Simply been reduced to getting through The shift at work and having enough To cover the rent at the start of every month

Since my queen left me I’ve been bored and alone Like a clown with no audience to play for No more fun now as it’s a serious time Of that there is no doubt but all I want to do is Go out, get drunk, get high and have some fun With a girl like her; but alas there ain’t Many of her type round these parts so all I got to do Is continue to exist until the next bout of fun


It was a night I shall never remember The one in that bar on Columbus Avenue in San Francisco Where the legends of yore would go to get plastered And for one night only I became one of them

Shuffling in, feeling nervous for no real reason I get to the bar and find a stool on which to rest Calling the bar-man over I order a beer and sit back Taking in this legendary view

At the bar are a few who seem to have been there all day And everyday before for the last forty years Whilst all around are kids reading beat books hoping to become like their heroes But me, I’m just being the me I feel most comfortable with

As the beer drains down swiftly and lovingly I move on to get a whisky and then it comes to me A plan of action to make this a night I’ll never remember So on I plough down the bar sampling every last whisky in the joint

I chase them down with more imported beer until a point Where I can just about remember some of the old guys at the end of the bar Coming over and recounting stories of Janis and Jack Who used to drink like I am right now

I’m drunk beyond belief but my head is in that place that it sometimes goes When it’s had a bit too much and I call the bar-man over He is not pleased as he wanted a quiet Tuesday night but no chance of that with me around Young man I taunt to a man who may be older than me

I want to try this drink you sell, it’s called a Kerouac Can you make me one? ...{read more}