Bruce Hodder’s Ten Favourite Books

In Watermelon Sugar

1. In Watermelon Sugar – Richard Brautigan2. Big Sur – Jack Kerouac3. Desert Solitaire – Edward Abbey4. Ulysses – James Joyce5. The Narrow Road to the Deep North – Matsuo Basho6. The Great Shark Hunt – Hunter S. Thompson7. Pilgrims of the Wild – Grey Owl8. Minor Characters: A Beat Memoir – Joyce Johnson9. Dr. Sax – Jack Kerouac10. A Modest … [Read more...]

splake’s Magic Box


splake fishing in america. Rockford: Presa Press, 2013 only in my dreams. Springfield: Gage, 2012. Beyond Campfire Ashes. Battle Creeek: Gage, 2012. Backwater Bard Loft Musings. Fort Wayne: The Moon, 2009. Le Metrop 2012. Ed Gray dir. (dvd).Poet Bryn Fortey said it best: “When splake sends, he really sends.”Once, both of us received woolly hats from the … [Read more...]

Ray Manzarek

Ray Manzarek

I turned my laptop on just after dawn this morning, as I usually do, and sat down with a cup of strong black coffee to see what was happening in the world. Two stories caught me like punches to the stomach and I woke up without any need for caffeine: a tornado killing scores of people in Oklahoma, and Ray Manzarek of the Doors dying at 74 of bile duct cancer.Jesus, is there … [Read more...]