About Dave Moore

Dave Moore lives in Bristol, England, and is the author of many articles on the Beat writers. Founding editor of The Kerouac Connection magazine in 1984, he compiled and annotated the Collected Letters of Neal Cassady for publication by Penguin. Dave also writes on mystery and crime fiction as well as jazz and blues, and is the author of The Kerouac Companion, a definitive on-line guide to the more than 600 characters in Jack Kerouac's work. More of Dave's writings can be found at Kerouac Corner.

“The Old Maestro”: an interview with Kerouac friend Henri Cru by Dave Moore

Henri Cru in Greenwich Village, 1987. Photo courtesy of Henri Cru.

Henri Cru was one of the friends that Jack Kerouac met at Horace Mann School, New York, in 1939. Their friendship sustained for many years, and Cru featured as a character in several of Kerouac’s books. ...{read more}

“My really best friend…” an interview with Seymour Wyse by Dave Moore

Seymour Wyse, Horace Mann School, 1940, courtesy of Dave Moore

Seymour Michael Wyse was one of Jack Kerouac’s closest friends. An Englishman, educated at Charterhouse School, Wyse met Kerouac when they both attended Horace Mann School, New York, in 1939. ...{read more}

Kerouac and the Outsider – A Puzzle

Jack Kerouac Alley / Double Feature / Flickr

It was Horst who started it. Horst Spandler had been translating the 1971 Kerouac anthology Scattered Poems into German. Along the way he’d been asking others their advice on the meaning of parts of Jack’s poems. ...{read more}