About David Handley

David Handley is a young writer from England, who is currently looking to get as much experience as possible to enable him to write professionally, whilst also studying toward a degree in media and literature, as well as a short course in screenwriting. He has had work published through Altscribe and FMV Magazine. Author of short stories, screenplays and articles, he is available to write about a range of subjects, contactable on either: dave_h_789@hotmail.com or dhandley789@gmail.com.

Book Review – Alex Preston’s In Love and War.

Alex Preston - In Love and War

In Love and War is the third novel from Alex Preston, following 2010’s This Bleeding City – which won The Edinburgh International Book Festival Readers’ First Book Award, and was chosen as one of Waterstones’ New Voices of 2010 – and its follow-up, The Revelations, which was released in 2012 to much critical acclaim. ...{read more}

David Handley interviews Paul Rogers about his work & the On the Road illustrations

On the Road illustartion copyright Paul Rogers

Chances are that if I said the names Sal Paradise, Dean Moriarty or Carlo Marx that you would already know a couple of things about them. ...{read more}

David Handley’s interview with Author Alex Preston

Alex Preston Books

Alex Preston was born in Worthing, West Sussex in 1979. He is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, 2010’s This Bleeding City, and The Revelations which was released in 2012. ...{read more}