About Dennis Mahagin

Dennis Mahagin is a writer currently living in southwestern Montana. His work has been published widely. Recently he published a poetry collection called "Grand Mal" which is available on Amazon, and the Rebel Satori Press website.

3 poems by Dennis Mahagin

digital collage by D.Enck

digital collage by D.Enck

Doc Williams’ 12-Step Blues

so much, depending

on a frayed flannel shirt with sleeves whacked off, burn marks, buttoned lopsided, sending

prayers and good thoughts over the AA meeting

gleaming steely urns of caffeine

and a voice

of the nineteen year old speaker starts to break, say with twelve and a half days

sober, large, scarred hands gripping the sides of the podium like a gunwale:

and that’s no sin in Paterson where they don’t care if you shake,

or fail

Why the Snow Geese Talk to Each Other Before the Breeze Shoots Back

The noose of winter hangs above our heads, as ever; in the anteroom of the clinic, I waited for my flu shot and thought to get cozy with an elderly guy sitting by and by, a shock of Robert Frost cowlick, pursed lips plus a shiny cane he kept strapped to his seated hip like a sidearm. ...{read more}