About Fabio Sassi

Fabio Sassi makes photos and acrylics using tiny objects and what is considered to have no worth by the mainstream. Fabio lives and works in Bologna, Italy. His work can be viewed at www.fabiosassi.foliohd.com.

Scraps by Fabio Sassi

Scraps 2 (detail) by Fabio Sassi

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Rock Art – Photographs by Fabio Sassi

Rock Art (detail) by Fabio Sassi

Rock Art 1

Rock Art 2

Rock Art 3

Rock Art 4

Rock Art 5

Rock Art 6

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Insomniacs: New Photography by Fabio Sassi

Insomniac 3 - Fine art photography by Fabio Sassi

Insomniac 1

Insomniac 2

Insomniac 3

Insomniac 4

Insomniac 5

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Lost Archive

Fabio Sassi - Lost Archive

Lost Archive 1

Lost Archive 2

Lost Archive 3

Lost Archive 4

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Last Ride: Photographs by Fabio Sassi

last ride (detail) by fabio sassi

Last Ride 1

Last Ride 2

Last Ride 3

Last Ride 4

Last Ride 5

Last Ride 6

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