Great books that made the silver screen

Books which have been made into movies

Classic novels are classic targets for Hollywood films. From The Great Gatsby to War and Peace, it seems that no novel is safe from a film adaptation. While a …{read more}

The Rolling Stones are rolling into London!


On November 25 and 29th, 2012 a Rolling Stones concert will take place at the O2 Arena in London, UK. The Rolling Stones are playing as part of their 50th …{read more}

About “Advanced Writers” Company

When you need well-written copy and professionalism matters, rely on the skilled writers from Advanced Writers. They can work with any format, any style, and provide solutions, and are available …{read more}

The rise of e-books and the slowing decline of print

Print books vs. e-books

The writing has been on the wall for years, ever since Amazon first debuted the Kindle and showed people a world where they could carry a library in a portable …{read more}

Writing Cities

Teaching and studying are easier when you have the best resources at hand. When you’re facing issues with respect to writing, sometimes it’s helpful to get some professional assistance. Although …{read more}