About George Djuric

George Djuric flew through rally racing, street fighting, philosophy, and anti-psychiatry as if they weren’t there. In the aftermath, all that was left was writing. He published a critically acclaimed collection of short stories, a book read like the gospel by his Yugoslav peers, The Metaphysical Stories.
Djuric is infatuated with the fictional alchemy that is thick as amber and capable of indelibly inscribing on the face of the 21st century literature. His work has been published widely, worldwide. He lives in the desert near Palm Springs, CA, USA.

Chiseled in Rock

Alvin Lee, 1975 (detail) by Jim Summaria, http://www.jimsummariaphoto.com

Alvin Lee, 1975 by Jim Summaria via Wikipedia

Literature is a morgue: I go there to identify my friends. One of them evaporated yesterday, March 6, 2013. ...{read more}