5 Poems by Gloria Avner


YOKO AND THE NAKED BOTTOMS I was recruited by a friend in London 1967 a publisher of first edition American poetry a friend of Tony’s her husband (before John) to be in Yoko Ono’s movie she needed asses battalions of bare buttocks the camera would focus on the juncture where thighs cheek bottoms and ass crevice meet to make a moving sign of the cross … [Read more...]

London 1966: I.T., the Camel, and a Song Named Me

International Times launch party flyer and debut issue / image credit: http://www.international-times.org.uk/ITarchive.htm

The camel’s unexpected appearance saved me. The raggedy texture of his fur, his massiveness, and his breath were all undeniably real, no matter how bizarre the setting and cast of characters. Snaking black power cords connecting reporters to brilliant artificial light, long-armed microphones and BBC television cameras did not trip his feet as they did mine. The night could not … [Read more...]

Six Poems by Gloria Avner

Six New Poems by Gloria Avner

Circumambulationto walk all the way around Mt. Arunachala takes from dusk until dawn plenty of time to meditate touch darkness chant story sing in harmony with cricketsTibetan refugees and Buddhists from every nation leave their shoes beside the entryway park flip flops and fine leather tread the wooden walkway barefoot circling Dalai Lama's Temple just … [Read more...]

Gloria Avner’s Ten Favorite Books

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

The Seat of the Soul by Gary ZukavA Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty SmithMy Name Is Asher Lev by Chaim PotokThe Crack in the Cosmic Egg by Joseph Chilton PearceThe Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael ChabonJane Eyre by Chalotte BronteLight in August by William FaulknerThe Theater and its Double by Antonin ArtaudThe Power of Myth by … [Read more...]

Seven Artworks by Gloria Avner

Collage by Gloria Avner

For years Gloria Avner has explored and taught ancient batik painting techniques using ink, wax, and watercolor on delicate Ginwashi ricepaper. Her collages enter a different realm, often focusing on tribal themes evolved from years of travel and study in Asia, Africa, and South America. Forty days ago she embarked on a new series: daily digital sketches, abstract, humorous and … [Read more...]

6 Poems by Gloria Avner


End of the Sixtiesthis sea this sky not the winding bumpy road past Ararat, down Khyber pass by folding bicycle fear survived Swat valley snowstorm rescue on the way to India to Himalayan hermit foothills flapping tattered flag whipped prayers gone flying free from cliffs edge   before Lama Govinda welcomes all to tea talk cookies company before the … [Read more...]