About Gregory Stephenson

Gregory Stephenson grew up in Colorado and Arizona but has lived in Denmark for 40 years. He is the author of Exiled Angel: A Study of the Writings of Gregory Corso (1989) and The Daybreak Boys: Essays on the Literature of the Beat Generation (1990) as well as critical studies on J.G. Ballard, Robert Sheckley, and Robert Stone.

Calling on Paul Bowles: Tangier, Morocco, August 1979

Paul Bowles (detail). Photo by Birgit Stephenson

Paul Bowles. Photo by Birgit Stephenson

Calling on Paul Bowles Tangier, Morocco, August 1979

”There it is,” someone says, and in the darkness, in the distance, you can see Tangier sprawled across several hills, a white city illuminated by electric lights and veiled by a thin fog. ...{read more}

Earwitness Testimony: Sound and Sense, Word and Void in Jack Kerouac’s Old Angel Midnight

Old Angel Midnight“the ineluctable modality of the audible” – James Joyce Ulysses

So much of Jack Kerouac’s writing seems impelled by an impatience with all verbal restraints and by an urgent purpose that strains to push and pivot, dodge and drive – like the star running back Kerouac once was – past syntax and grammar and language itself in order to touch a truth beyond language. ...{read more}