About Jared Feldschreiber

Jared Feldschreiber, a product of lower Manhattan, has had the beat spirit since his father dedicated to him Time Waits, a book of Beat poems by Marty Matz. His work has been published in UnCivil Magazine, The Huffington Post, Jerusalem Post, The Finest Hour and elsewhere. He writes in a number of genres, and is planning to direct a documentary chronicling literary figures.

The Beat Spirit Within Llewyn Davis: A Film Rumination

Inside Llewyn Davis poster (detail)

A film about a struggling artist could be many things: arty, pretentious, too ambitious and above all unfocused. For all its many cinematographic achievements and clever performances, the absurdity of I’m Not There (Todd Haynes, 2007) fell to the weight of its lofty hopes. ...{read more}