2 poems and a video by Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton, poet

Campfire Psalms of the Lost and AngryAnd so we love We love the campfire, the stars, each other O how freely that we love each other! We love as a reaction We are angry. We are furious. This home-made compass is always pointing in the direction we're going and we're going. We love because we are scared. We love like hummingbirds … [Read more...]

Affinity for Brooklyn


My generation, troubled mutating hysterical hipsters Poetic heavy hitters, recreating beat Burroughs beat Corso beat Ginsberg “I’ve read Howl and I understand what he was saying.” 21st century poets, thick worded bastards No pen and ink, only copy and paste function Regurgitating hot jazz and green imitation The only blues they know is Pabst. Cannibalized ideals split … [Read more...]