About Jim Cherry

Jim Cherry was born and raised in Chicago, spent his 20's in the pursuit of experience as research in the name of art, visiting places as New Orleans, Los Angeles, Germany, France and Mexico. He's a former columnist and guest on The Rants, Raves and Rock 'n' Roll Magazine and radio show. He has written the novels Becoming Angel, The Last Stage, and the book of short stories Stranger Souls. He currently writes The Doors Examiner. Visit Jim at JymsBooks.com.

Kerouac Before the Jazz: a review of “The Haunted Life”

The Haunted Life and Other Writings by Jack Kerouac

There are some great lost manuscripts in American literature and some are truly lost. Ernest Hemingway famously lost the only draft of the first short stories he ever wrote on …{read more}

Jim Morrison and Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac and Jim Morrison

“If he (Jack Kerouac) hadn’t written On The Road, The Doors never would have existed.”
— Ray Manzarek

Manzarek might have added that if Jack Kerouac hadn’t written On …{read more}

Lost Angeles: Writers on the Storm

The Last Stage - novel by Jim Cherry

We pulled up in front of a u-shaped apartment building that opened into a courtyard, the address the writer gave me. Jimmy and I walked up to the apartment. It …{read more}