About Kenneth Tindall

Kenneth Tindall lives with his wife & sons in Lynæs, a small fishing village north of Copenhagen. He is the author of five novels, including Great Heads and The Banks of the Sea. Visit Kenneth Tindall's web site.

La Picaudiere – and Hundertwasser’s Honey

Honeycomb - copyright Andreius / sxc.hu

Asked in an interview what he would remember most about his life as an artist, Man Ray replied “the women.” I was a bee whisperer, like Edmund Hillary who climbed …{read more}

The Home Helper

copyright cdsessums / Flickr

The knackers were done with it, everything removable, the iron stoves standing like Celtic monuments in the adjacent lot, the cheap roof slates brought from Bangor in Wales when there …{read more}

Lottie – by Kenneth Tindall


Lottie lived in a little house close to the summit of one of the Hollywood Hills. Once every two weeks we would take a Pacific Electric bus which ran out …{read more}

Interview with Kenneth Tindall: From Bellevue to Lynæs. An Interview by Lars Movin

Kenneth Tindall - Great Heads

(First published in “Maskinfabrikken,” Copenhagen)

Kenneth Tindall (b. 1937) is a well-kept literary secret. He first appeared in 1967 with Vindharpen, a novel about Copenhagen in the sixties, and …{read more}