About Lorne Daniel

Poet and non-fiction writer Lorne Daniel lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada where he consults and blogs about sense of place and urban placemaking. His most recent book is Drawing Back To Take A Running Jump. He is a previous winner of the Jon Whyte Memorial Essay Prize.

Two New Poems by Lorne Daniel

Garry Oak / photo by D Stanley www.flickr.com/photos/davidstanleytravel/7743625120/

Garry Oak / photo by D Stanley / CC BY

Island Fall

“to redefine is not always to lose” – Stephen Dunn

I am buoyed by the slowness of change on this island, this autumn, the Garry Oak leaves crinkling, painted with heavy dew

but holding fast well beyond this prairie boy’s expectations, still of value like well used paper money, glints of gold. ...{read more}