When there is nothing, there’s the cup of coffee

Merlin Flower - Rubbish (detail)

When there is nothing, there's the cup of coffeeEarly morning, i step out; in a heap, in the rubbish pile, my paintings. They look 'belonged'.Few more displaced to the storage-room. New companions for the dust, old tricycle; bicycle, cartons, gunny-bags, snake skins, live spiders; webs, wooden planks. They belonged too.The pain came in full two hours late. … [Read more...]

Art and the Artist: An Interview with Michelle Dunaway

Michelle Dunaway

Listen and you’ll hear the music in Michelle’s paintings. Of course, they wear the responsibility quite lightly. Incisive and mild, caught and emancipated, real and dreamy, they reach within your grasp like an early morning dream. Listen.You may not have heard of Michelle Dunaway – yet. A professional artist from New Mexico, Michelle Dunaway has been featured in magazines … [Read more...]