New poems by Sam Silva

Skagit Farm by Denise Enck

NATUREDarkness or a flickering computer light within are usually a good shield from mental marauders when the fruit is peeled to the fruit's cold core.And the world is molten ash with a warm thin crust hurtling through a huge cold vacuum and a little stellar dustwhich the artists choose to kiss. And a song makes sense to the serious aesthete in terms of … [Read more...]

7 new poems by Sam Silva


MY FRIENDS AND I, WE STOLE THE SUMMERMy friends and I, we stole the summer and its rain in stumbling secret conversation about the brilliant ways of the city...all of its joy and all of its pain!In a little room I call my friends and speak of a journey which never ends while they all disappear one by one...and I may be left ...ah what a Pity! to share … [Read more...]



Computer music from within ...matched in its expressive rhythm by the rattling tin! One of the coolest days in July helps the feelings on toward Autumn's endless sky and leaf and breeze come soon...a witch of a morning moments before August! ...with classical computer lullaby nearby that porch and screen waiting for the haunting of the Moon months away on the … [Read more...]

Pagan Days

poem by Sam Silva

Prayers are face down and descend in stoic gloom ...what goes up is methane and all of the other various fume and gas which punctuate a tired pain made of a planets sheer exhaust while glaciers cause the plants to bloom like ice cubes melting in a glass near the bed where I lie down...a victim!, and a ghoulish clown. … [Read more...]

Two poems by Sam Silva

Poems by Sam Silva

HISTORIES OF A SMALL SOUTHERN TOWNLike those young and ardent tragedies which surround...summer will come and burn with its fury about this small city built on a swamp. It will come and the steam will rise like passion though such bones ache with enormous fatigue.Then August will retire to September where both Moon and Sun spin orange and huge about the … [Read more...]

Summer’s Onslaught Edging Into May

Summer Leaves / credit:

SUMMER'S ONSLAUGHT EDGING INTO MAYSummer's onslaught edging into May bakes this swampy yard. Iced coffee levels out the day outside and the guest room has a bed and fan cool as petals on the water ...the mind is groggy's true but no matter what they say about the sky outside the sky outside is perfect blue and a vision of the window melts away as cool … [Read more...]

5 new poems by Sam Silva


A STORY OF GLACIAL WATERSYou are a little older than me in years if not in heart. And if you, in the final cup you drink cause the trees and the clouds and the sun to sink I will know again what I really think...the painful ugly cold of my soul and the withering of trees and the terror of stormand a winter place as dark as coal near frigid seas under snows … [Read more...]



In summer time I am an air conditioned icicle winter, the steam which haunts the house.I will not go into the grocery store with you Rachel ...I will ride along in the car and be a witness to the distant terror of the world. Images pass along through glass much like the traffic of TV ...but I have lost the courage and strength to go inside and dance around … [Read more...]

For the Woman Who Keeps My Forever

Digital art by D. Raphael

We struggle to appear as golden embers gone beyond days of the christchild drawing near when we get old...winter nights and brittle cold drowsy days and melting ice Februaries' left over lights ...the dusty tree! ...the old TV! ...the ornaments for rats and mice;an old man trying hard to pee worries about a winter fall ...the slippery fracture of it all!A … [Read more...]