All the Notes of the World Symphony

Mt. Baker, Washington

I am a red Laz boat cruising on the mountains of Kurdistan where my Kurd and Turk brothers are burning by falling on the ground syllable by syllable None of the requiems is able to express the pain of the stone-throwing Kurdish children raped in the hell prisons of Fascist-KemalismI picked up Armenian roses from my dreams against racism in Turkey Impish … [Read more...]

Revenge of the Imagist Socialist Poetry


We are the revenge of all oppressed, despised, ignored, exploited, beaten, insulted, neglected, abused, molested humans in the world as being fighters for their rights with our poems and essays.We are the revenge of the Poetry Art and we are fighting for poetry ethics against the decadent poets/poetesses who exploit Poetry for their own social rant seeking and for hunting … [Read more...]

Imagist Socialist Poetry and Objective Reality

[Editor's note: Serkan Engin is a socialist Laz poet-author from Turkey. He aims to launch a new movement in Turkish poetry and to that end has published numerous articles about literary theory, beginning with his 2004 manifesto, "Imagist Socialist Poetry."]Poetry is the organization of the poetic images around one one more themes, forming completeness, according to imagist … [Read more...]

Abused Letters of Hope

rain girl

Dedicated to you...I was born to loop my balmy dreams to your bleeding verses born to shout your childhood fads lost in a mute hell in front of everybodyI am the delicous revenge of all molested children spilling their pain into the purple shores of Orphanage I am the handsome anger of all neglected buds blooming on the lapel of Oppression-Which holiness … [Read more...]

Delayed Saleslady


my hair is darkening to a lengthy loneliness lava has touched my lips, you consider as lipstick i have propped my heart against the lights of the showcase my tenuous dreams are hung on the shelvesthere is a falling star in my night-patterned eyes all my wishes drop down to the floor and they are dispersed my legs are as cold as my poverty at the bus stops my missed … [Read more...]

I Kissed You with Sparrows

I Kissed You with Sparrows by Serkan Engin / digital collage by D Raphael

We are kissing each other on the lips while hitting Love and wobbling around only the walls are barricade to our lust. Your mouth is beginning with a damp alphabet a red butterfly settled on your face.Look dear, sparrows are flapping in my rib cage I kissed you with sparrows from the thin places of your dreams.Your breasts are two bunches of daisy suddenly … [Read more...]