Five Poems from the Forest in Hidalgo

lichen - Denise Enck

DRUNK DREAMIt has been 5 years since I quit the drugs that were skinning my heart They, I, still make me dream about them That I was stone tongued and the Cause of laughter and awoke Shadowed in shame, blood open and cryingThat I had left my guitar behind In a cafeteria light lit bar In the city I am from, across from the old fire stationThis is my mind Its … [Read more...]

Bread and Circus

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South of the imaginary lines where the uniformed and ironed men and and women that look like boys and girls, skin on the face still soft, wear their gloves and glasses bad men are winning the imaginary wars they’ve begun so they could win themJhosivani put his feet to the ground he slept on at morning dark toes and light palms the merry go round Earth 4 kilometers down the … [Read more...]

Forgiving Time

Wall, Mexico

He calls me kid I’m almost 34 now And have forgiven myself for getting olderI walked past and hopped down to the crooked street Where the short man with baby dark skin sells balloons And blue telephones hang lonely And lost my balanceMy ankles timid My mind many places Not here There are so many tasks that require tending to, if not completingHe calls me … [Read more...]

Detroit, Airport

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I am in Detroit and have not slept in a day It is the first snow of their year and I am thinking about the last words my grandfather said to me That I cannot rememberHere there is woman with a gentle face and humble watch Reading a book, hard white heavy cover, called “Husband’s Secret”, with a blood design lettering Across is a girl with black boots and black skin … [Read more...]

On Leaving Peru: 5 poems by Todd Clouser

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Even the Crows are Colored HereEven the crows are colored here Water in the Sky foots prints to forever rivers While the woman of Betania makes lunch for the hurried thinkers, I amEven the crows are colored here Where every music exists with no string Wordless verse from the branches And the morning pigs watch their shadows wake the mudAt best, when we sing, … [Read more...]

The Insides of Argentina

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The Humor is Heroic We have just played a concert in a small town in the flat part of Argentina Desert most of the time, moon up by string, half at full scream, other in dust left by a murder sunI am sitting middle seat in the front of a Sprinter van Two Argentine men with grey beards and thin hats hold me in laughter They joke about each others age and fatigue and ask … [Read more...]

Jazz and the Money Jungle


The same thing happens everywhere Money Jungle is perfect, of the skin, maybe the pulse On the night no one talks about A day before New Years, in Panama CityCrooked toe cranes light the canal Where the mountains mumble down to Lows talk to the stomping mallets vicious kiss of the strings in the wood, on the black, spit the music around the air How don't … [Read more...]

Music and Sleep

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Sunbreak Shot in the eye Pistol dust This is our city Victor says hello In an undressed Mexican accent As I pass with my guitar All the cement Underneath us Sun fight for Earth Tepid warmth, like snakeblood Scars on their heartsHe's still laying in bed Rehearsal is two blocks away I just want to sleep Held by silence Converse in dream But … [Read more...]

The Naked Beat

The Love Electric

The Love Electric's new video was filmed in New York City, Lisbon, Berlin, and Woodstock.You can get "The Naked Beat" here.About A Love ElectricThe Love Electric is a band that does things differently. An art rock trio of three nationalities, A Love Electric, hailed as the tomorrow of creative rock by Mexico City's leading newspaper La Jornada, performs at some … [Read more...]

Observations on the Cynic

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Cut up by it, imagination Strangled by stripes of shame Painted poorly but purposefully by the kind of artist whose arrows are shot before they are aimed It burnt the blood from our dreams Smoke rings in the distant scatter lit city night, flashing dollars at us, so we can give them ours They've got fear to be proud of Deadly bullet talk, dead like bullets, shook from … [Read more...]

The Art of the Statement – Be the Mule

Graham Lambkin / 1999 Mules /

I found humanity through music. I lose focus and grow cynical at times, but if I am honest as a listener, and remain receptive, the chance of transcending my emotional disturbances and triumphs through music remains. There's the possibility of unity, and humility, but always humanity, in sharing our art. The very idea of allowing our naked self to be exposed through what we … [Read more...]

The Time that John Lurie Called Me

The Time John Lurie Called Me by Todd Clouser / photo credit: Stephen Keates

My artistic, maybe even my personal, aesthetic had me identifying with the music of John Lurie the first time I heard his compositions on record. Close to a bunch of things I cannot, or do not care, to be. The celebration of the idea. The joy in imagination. But serious, measured, and often biting. Love in darkness. The acknowledgement that illusion permeates commercial music … [Read more...]

Remember When You Have A Son

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remember when you have a son nothing is erased words get stamped upon the letters that will fall from his full grown mouth that the window he sits before is curtained by the canvas colored humming of your stare or gentle smile your push or hold, grace or rain his language slurred by the reflections of campfire ashes in your eyes or the hallway light shadows underneath … [Read more...]

An Essay on the Arcana Series

arcana - john zorn

I sat down to write this as a commentary on the series of books edited by John Zorn, all of which are entitled Arcana. The series comes in six parts, including hundreds of essays written by musicians, artists, on their creative process, technique, philosophy, social commentary, and more. Some artists address alternate technique discussion, others essays on a unique approach to … [Read more...]