4 terrific Gregory Corso videos

from the video "Gregory Corso Walks & Talks in Rome, " Dario Bellini / YouTubeIn honor of Gregory Corso’s birthday (he was born March 26, 1930), we’ve collected some videos of him. Check ’em out.

1. & 2. Gregory Corso Walks and Talks in Roma, 1989
“Two weeks with Gregory during one of his long stays in Roma, with Michael Sullivan, Francis Kuipers, Adriano Gangi, Mimmo Cioffarelli, Dario Bellini and friends. *Transcription of all talks from two hours of recordings available and in search for a publisher. (aug. 2009) e-mail to: [email protected]” – Dario Bellini

3. Gregory Corso – This was my Meal
Corso at the Salem State College Arts Festival 1973: A Tribute to Jack Kerouac – SSUArchives

4. Gregory Corso – The Mad Yak
Salem State College Arts Festival 1973 A Tribute to Jack Kerouac

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