Beat Generation film – “Kill Your Darlings” trailer released!

Kill Your Darlings Movie Trailer

Kill Your Darlings, starring Daniel Radcliffe

Kill Your Darlings dramatizes an actual event that took place in 1944, as the writers who would later be identified with the Beat Generation became embroiled in a murder that made headlines.

While attending Columbia University, Allen Ginsberg became friends with Lucien Carr who introduced him to Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs – and to David Kammerer, an older man who was obsessed with Carr and had followed him to New York City.

One night, enraged by Kammerer’s pursuit, Carr stabs him and throws him in the river. In the aftermath his friends – Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs and others – become tangled in a web of crime, deceit, and mental anguish that puts their friendships and their futures in question.

The Cast

Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg
Dane DeHaan as Lucien Carr
Jack Huston as Jack Kerouac
Ben Foster as William S. Burroughs
Michael C. Hall as David Kammerer
Elizabeth Olsen as Edie Parker
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Naomi Ginsberg
David Cross as Louis Ginsberg
Kyra Sedgwick as Marian Carr
David Rasche as Dean
John Cullum as Professor Steeves

The trailer:

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