Celebrating Allen Ginsberg’s birthday with a few videos

Allen Ginsberg

In honor of Allen Ginsberg’s birthday (June 3, 1926), we’ve gathered a few videos together. We’ve got some poetry for you, a chant, and an interview or two.

What are your favorite Ginsberg recordings? Please leave a comment below!

Allen Ginsberg leads a chant in Chicago, 1968 ahead of the Democratic National Convention

Hey, you smokers! Listen to what Allen says…

Ginsberg talks with Neal Cassady

Allen Ginsberg & Paul McCartney perform “The Ballad of the Skeletons”

Allen Ginsberg reading “HOWL” (audio only)

Allen Ginsberg reading “America” (audio only)

Allen Ginsberg reading “Sunflower Sutra” (audio only)

A BBC interview from 1994

Allen Ginsberg interviewed by Allan Gregg

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