In honor of Jack’s birthday: 4 Kerouac videos


In honor of Jack Kerouac’s birthday (March 12), here are some videos to enjoy.

1. Kerouac & friends in New York
“Silent footage of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, and others in New York, Summer 1959. The location is in and around the Harmony Bar & Restaurant at E 9th St. and 3rd Ave. Others seen are Mary Frank (wife of film-maker Robert Frank) and children Pablo and Andrea, as well as Lucien’s wife Francesca Carr and their three sons, Simon, Caleb and Ethan.” – lupine22

2. Kerouac reading from “On the Road” / shooting pool

“Beat writer Jack Kerouac shooting pool at the Pawtucketville Social Club, Lowell, Mass., in early 1967.” – lupine22

3. Kerouac Reading “McDougall Street Blues”

4. Gregory Corso discusses Jack Kerouac

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