For Beat’s Sake: An Interview with Carolyn Cassady

Off the Road - Carolyn Cassady

We all live inside history, and Carolyn Cassady has seen her share. Ms. Cassady was gracious and open when she sat for an interview at her home in Monte Sereno, …{read more}

October in the Railroad Earth – Jack Kerouac

Railroad Earth - Photo is Road to Nowhere by Blue Betty via, photoshopped by Empty Mirror

Every October, I think of Jack Kerouac’s short story, “October in the Railroad Earth.” Jack recorded it for his album with Steve Allen, Poetry For The Beat Generation; take a …{read more}

Review – The Beats: A Very Short Introduction by David Sterritt

The Beats: A Short Introduction by David Sterritt

The Beats: A Very Short Introduction by David Sterritt / Oxford University Press / 978-0-19-979677-9 / 126 pages

David Sterritt’s work might be familiar to Beat or film aficionados through …{read more}

Charged Vision: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg

Jack Kerouac by Allen Ginsberg

The photographs of Allen Ginsberg recently were on display at the Jewish Contemporary Museum in San Francisco. Walking through the museum is like going on a jaunt through Beat History. …{read more}

John J. Dorfner on Jack Kerouac’s Induction into the Rocky Mount Hall of Fame

Jack Kerouac Rocky Mount Hall of Fame Potrtrait - inducted by John J. Dorfner

John J. Dorfner is the author of two books on Jack Kerouac, Kerouac: Visions of Lowell and Kerouac: Visions of Rocky Mount. In them, he delves into Kerouac’s life …{read more}

The Beat Generation vs. “Beatniks”

beat beat beat

“Beatnik” is sometimes – incorrectly – used to describe to the Beat Generation writers and artists. We’re going to straighten out the confusion for you! Here’s an explanation of who …{read more}

In honor of ruth weiss on her 85th birthday

Ruth Weiss / copyright Horst Spandler

The following is from: “ruth weiss and the American Beat movement of the ‘50s and 60’s” by Horst Spandler, published in: ruth weiss, no dancing aloud – lautes tanzen nicht …{read more}

Becoming Jill Kerouac

Jill Kerouac

It all started with the word. Not THAT word. But a word — or a string of words, rather — that struck me:

As a freshly-minted English major with a …{read more}

Celebrating Allen Ginsberg’s birthday with a few videos

Allen Ginsberg

In honor of Allen Ginsberg’s birthday (June 3, 1926), we’ve gathered a few videos together. We’ve got some poetry for you, a chant, and an interview or two.

What are …{read more}

Review – Alleycats and Beatsters: The Hip, the Gone, and the Way Gone

How Hip Was My Alley by Kenton Crowther

Alleycats and Beatsters, a collection of essays by British writer Kenton Crowther, explores what it means to be Beat, the nature of hipness, and the poets, writers and hipsters …{read more}