How to Identify a First Edition Book

This page has lots of information on it! Here are some quick links to the most important topics.General guidelines for identifying a first edition Identifying 1st editions from specific publishers Identifying book club editions On printings & impressions - and other questions Recommended books for collectors of first editions.How do you know if a book is a … [Read more...]

The Best 21 Marketplaces to Buy Collectible & 1st Edition Books

So, what's the best way to find books online? There are thousands of large bookselling sites, and individual booksellers, and Google searches don't always work well for turning up the results you want.Book marketplaces make finding books easier. Member booksellers each load their listings to a searchable database on the marketplace website, making it possible for you to … [Read more...]

For Booksellers – 10 Places to Sell Your Books Online

Want to sell books online? There are many sites where you can list your books for sale. Here are our top 12 (in alphabetical order), with some details about their size, fees, and other requirements.Please note: The bookseller terms and fees listed below are not complete, and may change. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of these details; please check with each … [Read more...]

Recovering water-damaged books and paper – is it possible?

Having a flood or water damage in your home can be a disaster. Not only can it ruin your floors and walls, it can also cause damage to anything that happens to be in its path. Unfortunately, this can include your collection of books and papers.When a book has been damaged by water, many people might think that it is completely unsalvageable. However, although there might be … [Read more...]

Review – The Picker’s Bible

Ever wonder what a 'picker' really does, where he finds sources for all that wonderful stuff, and how he finds buyers?Ever marvel at all the beautiful things in an antique store, and wonder how the dealer came to have it all?This marvelous book provides the answers. Author Joe Willard's an experienced picker (and collector) and spills all his secrets on the business of … [Read more...]

First Edition Book Values – How Much is a Book Worth?

What's the Current Retail Value of Your Books? determining value via online sourcesHow do you determine the ballpark current value of the one that's on your desk right now?It's actually pretty simple to research book values online. Here's how.First, familiarize yourself with your book, taking careful note of copyright date, printing history (edition/printing), … [Read more...]

Book Collecting: Illustrated glossary of terms, edition, & condition

Ever how to interpret the condition, edition, and other terms included in the description of a book for sale? Here we'll unravel the mystery.Book Condition TermsVery fine is a flawless copy, perfect in every way and probably never read. These are few and far between. Sometimes abbreviated "VF."Fine is a copy with no real defects, but is not as pristine as a very … [Read more...]

Are Books with Binding or Printing Errors Collectible?

Have you ever brought a new book home, only to discover that the cover was on backwards, or there were printing errors (for instance, pages repeated, omitted, out of sequence, or upside down)? If so, perhaps you've wondered how it affects the book's collectible value.Such errors are considered defects and will almost always have a negative impact on the book's … [Read more...]

Steve Sargent of Analecta Books on Limited Edition Books

I recently had a conversation with Steve Sargent, proprietor of Analecta Books, where he specializes in selling signed first edition and limited edition books. Analecta also sells "bespoke" remarqued books, where he commissions the artist to embellish the book with a drawing - something very unusual in the bookselling world.Tell us a little about Analecta Books. … [Read more...]