Is My Dr. Seuss Book a First Edition?

Many people collect Dr. Seuss books, which have been hugely popular over the years and the center of lots of happy childhood memories. They're avidly collected, but, unfortunately, have a reputation for being notoriously difficult to identify as first editions.Here are some books and online resources which will help you find out if your Dr. Seuss books are first editions, … [Read more...]

How to Care for Your Collectible Books: 18 Essential Tips

I recently received an email from someone who asked, "Is there a correct, careful way to handle a book so as not to damage it? That is--is it possible to be both a book collector and a reader of the books or should those two hobbies be completely separate?"The answer is that it's very possible to read the same books one collects!Since the difference between a book in … [Read more...]