…the clouds looked like they were bought at Target or Walmart and then someone hung them up in the sky


I was walking through an empty parking lot, staring down at the ground as I walked. There were dead galaxies and black holes scattered across the pavement. I liked them and found them all very pretty. Then, while looking down at the ground as I walked, I saw something even prettier on the pavement of […]

This High


My first attempt at rolling a joint was rather pathetic. It looked more like a small turd covered in paper than something to be smoked. And not knowing to remove the twigs and seeds — of which it had many — the loosely rolled number disconcertingly popped and crackled each time I took a hit […]

7 new poems by Sam Silva


MY FRIENDS AND I, WE STOLE THE SUMMER My friends and I, we stole the summer and its rain in stumbling secret conversation about the brilliant ways of the city …all of its joy and all of its pain! In a little room I call my friends and speak of a journey which never ends […]

3 Poems by Nate Maxson

Sprngs - D. Enck

Rocket Science We used to send monkeysAhead of human test subjects Brief astronauts to test the water, blow on the soup before swallowing Into the substance: an evolving arrow with sudden green buds/ atremble Not from the sky, no But through it, a sub-audible whistling not for our ears Animals across the horizon, down below […]

Tales from the future: collages by Joanna Marcjanna

The Demiurge (detail) by Joanna Marcjanna

Artist’s Statement: Collage is just the best thing ever, because, guess what – it is so easy! Too lazy and impatient for actual drawing or painting, I got interested in collage as a perfect way to look for new meanings of things, tell stories and ‘paint’ dreamy landscapes. I create surreal realms I’d love to […]

A Review of Joseph Ridgwell’s Cuba: In Search of Hemingway


Turning the first page on the handsewn binding of Joseph Ridgwell’s Cuba: In Search of Hemingway feels like something special. Like discovering the splintered edges of a treasure chest through sand. Or something you might unexpectedly luck on at the bottom of a box of Cuban cigars, holding it up and being wondrously captivated by […]

Four Poems by George Moore

Huntington Pier / Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bmh4you/84188300/ b r e n t

Huntington Pier Big Daddy Ross wakes me at six saying he has moved to Utah as they tear down Huntington Pier and the kids change. No time now for the fine graphic trance that transformed street machines into rods that ran like pure combustion but were better seen as something else simple street icons first […]

The Best Poetry Books

walking via Korry B freeimages.com/profile/korry_b

Sometimes when I walk I think of verses. And most times they vanish without trail. But there are days where I don’t let them go. I recite them out loud to myself constantly as asking them not to leave that everything is fine, that I can nourish them into a beautiful, well… at least meaningful […]

Two new poems by Jack Leaf Willetts

Bukowski - Neal Cassady

Letter to Charles Bukowski No I don’t want to be a goddamn writer for the most part I wish I were a carpenter or a mechanic I wish I had a skill that folks could use I wish I had a job that paid the bills I wish I did something that folks might appreciate […]

5 Poems by Gloria Avner


YOKO AND THE NAKED BOTTOMS I was recruited by a friend in London 1967 a publisher of first edition American poetry a friend of Tony’s her husband (before John) to be in Yoko Ono’s movie she needed asses battalions of bare buttocks the camera would focus on the juncture where thighs cheek bottoms and ass […]