El Condor Pasa


All my life I’ve been surrounded by paintings of cowboys. Longer still, I’ve been surrounded by people who wanted to be cowboys. Sometimes I count the paintings, the cowboys. There’s my grandparents’ acrylic that hung above their couch of a man, close to death slouched on his horse, reaching towards the mirage of water in the horizon. There’s the man with broad hat and bolo tie … [Read more...]

The Rift in Time: Paintings by Rodica Miller

The Rift in Tiime (detail) - Rodica Miller

Introductory note: “The Rift In Time” series of works is a journey that starts from our inner world and continues onward to the stars. With delicate care, I try to render the ghostly energy waves reaching our senses, and the nostalgia of perishable things such as pomegranates, water lilies, and even the potent perfume of love letters, all perishable just like the stars … [Read more...]

Five Poems from the Forest in Hidalgo

lichen - Denise Enck

DRUNK DREAMIt has been 5 years since I quit the drugs that were skinning my heart They, I, still make me dream about them That I was stone tongued and the Cause of laughter and awoke Shadowed in shame, blood open and cryingThat I had left my guitar behind In a cafeteria light lit bar In the city I am from, across from the old fire stationThis is my mind Its … [Read more...]

Book Review – Street Angel by Magie Dominic and Adult Onset by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Magie Dominic - Street Angel / Ann-Marie MacDonald - Adult Onset

With chapters named for the days of the week in Street Angel and with specific dates in a given week in Adult Onset, these two novels seem to make ideal reading companions.Ultimately, much of literary fiction is preoccupied with time. Whether it is Molly Bloom’s day in James Joyce’s classic Ulysses or the week of contemporary romance in Rainbow Rowell’s novel Landline, the … [Read more...]

Poems by Sam Silva

Whatcom Falls Park, March 23 2015

A STRANGER'S EDUCATION IN THE ARTSA brain with its echoes finds constancy in classical romantic serenade and a mirror in the later centuries' leap into expressionism dancing close to jazz.My pen burned its dull flame in visions of the cinema ...cartoons and characters were the backdrop for my crusty verbal images of nature and the cityand with such an … [Read more...]

Expatriation, Art, and Spirit

Tetuan Dreaming (detail) - Ricker Winsor

Standing on the edge of the highway I held a sign that said “London”. It was cold, early spring, and I was hitching from Newcastle. I was nineteen, and the year, nineteen sixty-four. At a pub that evening a Canadian guy told me, “You know, once it starts it never stops.” He was right and I knew it even then.Expatriation is an inevitability for certain people. People with … [Read more...]

Bread and Circus

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/industrial_arts/8368401293

South of the imaginary lines where the uniformed and ironed men and and women that look like boys and girls, skin on the face still soft, wear their gloves and glasses bad men are winning the imaginary wars they’ve begun so they could win themJhosivani put his feet to the ground he slept on at morning dark toes and light palms the merry go round Earth 4 kilometers down the … [Read more...]

Yankees in Fairyland: A Review of Take Me Out, by Richard Greenberg

Take Me Out - Richard Greenberg

Richard Greenberg’s play Take Me Out is as much about the role of the athlete, particularly the baseball “star,” as it is about what makes a team function—and what threatens the unity of a team. The play confronts the disturbing truth that baseball has never been an equal opportunity employer. African-Americans were shut out from the big leagues for decades. Gay Americans … [Read more...]

From Motown to Mowtown

photo credit: Digital Third Eye

An obsession with polished aspirational black music finally carried me to Detroit. I had come to rediscover the heartbreak of first love and unearth a few last Okeh "cover ups". Poking my nose against a high window in the MGM Grand Hotel I survey this strung out city constructed on the lands of the People of the Three Fires. Michigan Central looms in front of me, the morose … [Read more...]

Four Poems

Poems by A.K. LaMotte

PULVERIZEDI pulverized your jaw with a knuckle sandwich but you fought back blossoming your hyacinth.Then I shattered a quart of Colt 45 on the ivory lingam of your skull but you exfoliated flecksof lapis lazula therefor I tied off your red ribbon and swung you around my head a plastic garbagebag of last night's pork chop bones then granulated your skeleton … [Read more...]

Collages by Kareem Rizk

Cowboy Kid - Kareem Rizk

Artist's statement A mesh of vintage consumerism, post-war sophistication and mid-century ephemera, Rizk’s work explores nostalgia and surveys the essential and singular visual niche of collage in this age of mash-ups and remixes. By reinterpreting and rearranging visual history with weathered imagery, highly textured surfaces, design-inspired compositions and occasional droll … [Read more...]

En Plein Air: Landscape Painting

Portage Store, Vashon (detail) - Ricker Winsor

Artist's statement: This is a condensed survey of the plein air landscape I have done over many years in locations from Vashon Island, Washington, Vermont, Spain, and Bangladesh.They are oil paintings about 22 x 28 inches more or less. RW … [Read more...]

The Unforgiveable Sin of Joss Whedon

The Unforgiveable Sin of Joss Whedon

Avengers: Age of Ultron is upon us, and that means the odds have gone up considerably of me having to confront The Whedon Problem with my more sophisticated, artsy friends. First you have to understand that my friends and I spend way too much time analyzing the latest “golden age of television” gems—Breaking Bad, The Fall, True Detectives, The Americans. We marvel at how The … [Read more...]

That Deadly Lord Douglas: Oscar Wilde and De Profundis

Oscar Wilde - De Profundis

It is hard to read the letter published as De Profundis, with its account of Wilde’s disastrous life with Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas, without laughing.From his cell in Reading Gaol, Wilde recounts the tally of the couple’s lavish, carefree days of freedom. Everything was so expensive: the meals, the gifts, the gambling debts incurred by Bosie and covered by Wilde, (there … [Read more...]

Burning Factories: Art by Sander Steins

Burning Factory 1 - Sander Steins

It was the summer of 1980 when I was seven years old that I sat in the back seat of my father’s blue Opel Kadett coupé and saw the first smoking chimneys of the German Ruhrgebiet. Those were the declining years of one of Europe’s biggest and heaviest industrial areas and I will never forget the impression it left imprinted on my retina. As a child I rebuilt entire cities … [Read more...]

4 Spring Poems

Scudder Pond in Early Spring - Denise Enck

ACHE AWAKENINGIn a moment where the yard explodes in air about infested with sky blue expanse in twigs straining to bud near left over winter mud and cars rip by in dense exhaust ...mirrored exhalation of our chants.April's murder on the way ...there is a cost for such sudden exuberance of days which grow quite warm.I am an elf on this Spring day! I am a … [Read more...]

The Wabi-Sabi Drawing of Ricker Winsor

under the big trees (detail) - Ricker Winsor

Artist's statement: I continue my exploration of the dynamic and expressive qualities of ink. Mark making, pattern making, risk taking are all part of the process. It is very difficult to correct in ink but there are ways of leading the eye. And the mistakes, the awkward places, are valuable in the "wabi way". … [Read more...]

Book Review – The Last First Day: A Novel

The Last First Day: A Novel by Carrie Brown

The Last First Day: A Novel by Carrie Brown / Pantheon / 304 pages / 978-0307908032Carrie Brown’s prose sucks you into a kind of lull. Images of rooms without bodies, twilights in small towns, or people caught in states of pause and repose are palpable in quiet fluidity. You feel transported to a safe place, as though fear has been exiled, excluded, forgotten. The city is … [Read more...]

Four Landscapes (Through a Window) by Magie Dominic

Landscape 1 - Magie Dominic

Artist's statement: These four collages can be viewed separately. They can also be shown as one 4-part piece as seen through a four pane glass window, with the two blue and white pieces on the top - sky; and the two earth color collages below - earth, with a narrow space between each piece, as in a window frame. … [Read more...]

A Moment Just About to Happen: Collages by Lita Kenyon

Ask again when you're alone - Lita Kenyon

Artist's statement: I am drawn to subjects about socially transmitted beliefs, widely repeated cultural themes and mores. My work focuses on the narratives evolving naturally from the subconscious as images unfold; dialogues on events taking place around me or a moment just about to happen. Inspired by pictures from women’s wrestling and commodity culture, and themes of … [Read more...]

Moon Songs: two poems by Matthew Woodman

Zen Moon

Salving the TidewrackHow to carve a driftwood lover: Begin by conjuring contours and proportions.Find a blank that speaks promise and between from among the other tangled flotsam populating the low tide line. Prepare guide points: cheekbones, eyes, nose, mouth, and hairlines.Do not cry yet. Ensure your blade is sharp enough to get to the heart of … [Read more...]

Drawing and Wabi Sabi

Plaza de Santa Anna (detail) - Ricker Winsor

Everyone can draw. It is in the genome. Drawing is one of the earliest things we know about human beings. We admire work they did on cave walls twenty five thousand years ago. Some of it is graceful and refined. Some of it is crude, raw, and expressive. I began drawing at age thirty. Before that, I didn’t think I could draw and I never got the permission or encouragement to … [Read more...]

Void: Photography of Displacement

Bride - Rehan Miskci

Artist's statement: As a member of the Armenian minority in Turkey, the notions of displacement and invisibility become key elements in my work. In my thesis project “Void”, I am exploring my struggle with this issue by visualizing notions of the displacement, the loss of identity and the absence or disappearance of the culture through images that emphasize these notions … [Read more...]

A dozen collages by hiromi suzuki

ailes de la chanson #2 (detail) - hiromi suzuki

Artist's statement: I think the collages are poetry without words.Sometimes I contribute my collages with my poems to poetry magazines, or publish on my site.My collages are made by ephemera, washi, watercolour, charcoal and screenprint on paper.ailes de la chanson #1, ailes de la … [Read more...]