She moves soft as moonlight, pouring across the concrete. She follows the sound of the music as it reaches out into the quiet streets. She’s been following the sound for eons and still it pulls her forward, on and on through the dark.She lingers for a moment at the door of the bar with the scent of stale cigarettes and beer. She remembers a time when music smelled … [Read more...]


Can’t anyone just give us a straight answer? He rambles, doctor. It’s dementia, isn’t it? I see no signs… Here we go. I see no signs of… Here we go… ‘no one can say for sure.’ I see no apparent signs of… It gets on our nerves, doctor. …no apparent signs of… He just rambles, doctor. Meaningless. On and on.Too much light in my eyes. Snatch the Ray-Bans off the … [Read more...]

Heebling’s Journals

The recent, unexpected passing of Charles Heebling and the subsequent discovery of his “third-floor journals” are finally shedding light on an intriguing and relatively unknown area of scientific research.The facts about Heebling’s death, at 38, have been accurate, though sparse: an unfortunate collision with a speeding milk truck, Heebling, on foot, just a few blocks from … [Read more...]

Red Warner’s Last Painting

Excerpted from the forthcoming novel, Visual LibertiesHe's now had his morning coffee and finished off a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and slices of banana. From the back of his closet he digs out the old coveralls he wears when painting, takes off his shirt, puts the coveralls on and slips his feet into paint splattered shoes that have been relegated to the back of the … [Read more...]

My Otter

“Honey, I am going fishing.” No answer.“OK see you later.” No answer. And it will be much later since she works late. No reason to come home early and the fishing is good at dusk.In the north country, summers are hot, sticky. A rumble way off, maybe a thunder storm later. Summer storms are always just a few hills away. They show up fast, dramatic and strong. Once he saw a … [Read more...]

From Notes of an Errant A/C Man: The Secret to My Uncle’s Jalisco Style Birria

THE SECRET TO MY UNCLE’S JALISCO STYLE BIRRIAi shouldn’t’ve opened my big mouth: where i’ve been accused by women of being ‘emotionally unavailable’, i make myself too available for these god-damned air conditioning gigs. but a man’s gotta make a buck in this inclement economic climate. it’s fuckin’ sink or swim…i was with my ol’ lady at my cousins quinceanyera when i … [Read more...]

Chiseled in Rock

Literature is a morgue: I go there to identify my friends. One of them evaporated yesterday, March 6, 2013. The last pic he nailed through the ether toward me had his Woodstock cherry red 335 erecting from the lap into the skies. I was, obviously, born ten years after him, yet that tiny space in time made no difference.If one were to study history thoroughly, one might … [Read more...]

“Street Corner” and “Process”

A hypothetical encounter between poets Philip Lamantia and Bob Kaufman on a San Francisco street corner. Since both lived in the same North Beach neighborhood, loitered in the same cafes, and more than likely knew each other, this depicted encounter may actually have far-fetchedly occurred.K. is shifting from one foot to the other. He directs his utterances toward the cars … [Read more...]

I’m For an Art

1982 SoHoPainting can be an evil mistress. She can love you tender and she can love you raunchy, and she can rip your guts apart.When you put that last stroke on your canvas and you know you've done it right, and you step back to look at what you've done, a deep sigh comes all the way up from your loins and you say “Yes! Yes, by God, I did it.”But it can also be … [Read more...]

Post-Zen, a reflection for Reilly

When you were put away your car had a half a tank of gas. This surprised me, because I had only ever seen you put five dollars in at a time. While you drove I would watch the dial on the odometer slowly turn as we ate up every tenth of a mile.After you were put away we cried in a bar. Two boys approached us and asked us to play pool, and I said yes, but the game felt silly … [Read more...]