Red Warner’s Last Painting

Red Warner's Last Painting

Excerpted from the forthcoming novel, Visual Liberties

He’s now had his morning coffee and finished off a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and slices of banana. From the back of …{read more}

My Otter

Photo credit: href=" Mark Dumont

“Honey, I am going fishing.” No answer.

“OK see you later.” No answer. And it will be much later since she works late. No reason to come home early and …{read more}

From Notes of an Errant A/C Man: The Secret to My Uncle’s Jalisco Style Birria

Photo credit: / CC BY-SA


i shouldn’t’ve opened my big mouth: where i’ve been accused by women of being ‘emotionally unavailable’, i make myself too available for …{read more}

Chiseled in Rock

Alvin Lee, 1975 (detail) by Jim Summaria,

Literature is a morgue: I go there to identify my friends. One of them evaporated yesterday, March 6, 2013. The last pic he nailed through the ether toward me had …{read more}

“Street Corner” and “Process”

Photo credit: / dandeluca

A hypothetical encounter between poets Philip Lamantia and Bob Kaufman on a San Francisco street corner. Since both lived in the same North Beach neighborhood, loitered in the same cafes, …{read more}

I’m For an Art

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Painting can be an evil mistress. She can love you tender and she can love you raunchy, and she can rip your guts apart.

When you put that …{read more}

Post-Zen, a reflection for Reilly

collage copyright D. Raphael

When you were put away your car had a half a tank of gas. This surprised me, because I had only ever seen you put five dollars in at a …{read more}

A Curious Stew

Los Angeles, copyright Aculine

Silver Lake was a circus when I moved here in ‘92.  By day it was old buildings with peeling paint set against lush hillsides with hidden graffitied cement stairways and …{read more}

Lost Angeles: Writers on the Storm

The Last Stage - novel by Jim Cherry

We pulled up in front of a u-shaped apartment building that opened into a courtyard, the address the writer gave me. Jimmy and I walked up to the apartment. It …{read more}

One Man, One Vote

One Man, One Vote / Photo Mortimer62 / CC BY-SA

It was Election Day and the lines were as long as anyone could remember. Even longer. To be sure this was the age of advanced technology so in many places …{read more}