Jack Kerouac – “Big Sur” Movie Trailer

Jack Kerouac on the beach, from the Big Sur film 2013

The film, Big Sur, based upon Jack Kerouac’s novel of the same name, released nationwide on November 1, 2013.

Directed by Michael Polish, who also wrote the screenplay, it stars Jean-Marc Barr as Jack Kerouac. Other cast are: Stana Katic as Lenore; Henry Thomas as Phillip Whalen; Josh Lucas as Neal Cassady; Kate Bosworth as Billie; Radha Mitchell as Carolyn Cassady; Anthony Edwards as Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Balthazar Getty as Michael McClure; and Patrick Fischler as Lew Welch.

The trailer is an atmospheric preview of the film. Check it out below.

Want to read the book before you see the film?
You can get Big Sur at a discount here.

For some thoughts on the book, read Eric Lehman’s review of Big Sur.

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  1. On the road was ok, but that other Kerouac adaptation, Big Sur, is looking even better. http://t.co/J5JRPjQXv6

  2. Can’t wait to see this movie. I bought Big Sur several years ago before I finally found a copy of On the Road. Read the novel on the bus on the way home and it was dizzying pure unadulterated yakking by Kerouac. Another novel I want to see made into a movie is the Subterraneans; read that fine book straight four-hours in a bookstore, as fast as possible like how Kerouac wrote that in three days and night session. :-)

  3. james stewart says:

    The yellow convertible in the trailer is MY 51 Willys. It looks like it was a main characters car. Can’t wait to see the movie! AWESOME!!

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