Jenny Lynn

Jenny Lynn

Cold wind is building and ready. It is not understood the pent feelings that have suddenly surfaced after long and even further back and then along the slow moving world and probably before the long awaited return of a Gypsy night. She said her name was Jenny Lynn. WAIT. Let me think.

It was in the south section grid just beyond the usual spot where did we usually wait until just after or last before a very early hour closest to actual closing hour. When I turned and looked again it had begun without me and the traveler plus the wind storm without lightning in either direction was ahead of the fact that I wasn’t there nor had I known I really wasn’t either.

At the second recital that’s when it opened the closed part and I knew that it hadn’t been done at least now he came home. And gone thrice since. What should be expected anyway when one looks and finds that one and one never did. We are gone. But not before you find me there in the middle of these but not all of course. Is there anything of it necessary?

Cold wind is building and ready even now like the times far ago when none could but only dream their being dream.

Explain not the forgotten and even the non-remembered. They moved on at the same time second one with the Traveler. Feelings that I know since

What we put in the place of the one bitten in the presence of the first one or was, he said, the first time were singing the difference. I heard all save 4 whisper

The time is almost with the wind. she said her name was Jenny Lynn. I know that name. WAIT. Let me think.

Even now before even then and that was surely before I must see all of the smaller together for then next to first And even then and anyway then do weep at the second time for I heard all save 4 telling of it being for told even unto the end of days. Cold winds have unleashed the mighty talons and have without remorse to blow. In the brightness of the long awaited return of the kindred kind of a Gypsy night.

Just being used instead of having to look for not the same sport again. Is there any of it necessary? I was there while in another plane when it was supposed nigh 27. . She said her name was Jenny Lynn. I know that name. WAIT. Let me think.

The Traveler spoke when it was denied or yet forbidden there for it wasn’t even until the last pence of her token yet non ample attempt to please them both. Where was I? Why did I not know? Why was there no words to me regarding the last piece of all the newborn solitude?

I rest with the seldom effort of suppressing the already known knowledge regarding all the second on the right which was left before the wind started again without the principle principles in order. I was made late by the sound of wagons. Rest well my Jenny Lynn.

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