Computer music from within …matched in its expressive rhythm by the rattling tin! One of the coolest days in July helps the feelings on toward Autumn’s endless sky and leaf and breeze come soon …a witch of a morning moments before August! …with classical computer lullaby nearby that porch and screen waiting for the haunting […]

Pagan Days

poem by Sam Silva

Prayers are face down and descend in stoic gloom …what goes up is methane and all of the other various fume and gas which punctuate a tired pain made of a planets sheer exhaust while glaciers cause the plants to bloom like ice cubes melting in a glass near the bed where I lie down […]

Imagist Socialist Poetry and Objective Reality

[Editor's note: Serkan Engin is a socialist Laz poet-author from Turkey. He aims to launch a new movement in Turkish poetry and to that end has published numerous articles about literary theory, beginning with his 2004 manifesto, "Imagist Socialist Poetry."] Poetry is the organization of the poetic images around one one more themes, forming completeness, […]

elegy by bruno neiva

Alain Delon as Jef Costello

elegy (in memory of victor esteban celeiro) noir coffee spilled over the newspaper we talked for hours, jobless hours about borders, coups and the icelandic landscape jef costello was brought into the conversation, combed hair and smart suit – holding a gun, bluish stare over greyish glare the talk went on at full tilt, it […]

Two poems: “Ed Dorn Beside the Cloud of Unknowing” and “Fantasia”


Ed Dorn Beside the Cloud of Unknowing His Collected Poems on my nightstand, so thick that there’s room on the spine for his portrait, his face, sardonic behind cheap sunglasses, his life’s work shouldering the slim volume by some anonymous monk who wisely guessed that we could never apprehend the absolute. I remember witnessing the […]

Two poems by Sam Silva

Poems by Sam Silva

HISTORIES OF A SMALL SOUTHERN TOWN Like those young and ardent tragedies which surround …summer will come and burn with its fury about this small city built on a swamp. It will come and the steam will rise like passion though such bones ache with enormous fatigue. Then August will retire to September where both […]

At the Carnival of Drunken Poets

photomicography4 / credit: http://www.freeimages.com/profile/richermcm

I ran into Kerouac at the carnival where those just dead meet those about to be reborn. He and I have wandered through the zodiac again and again, like prodigal suns. Both of us enter this carnival under the 13th sign, which is the sign of Drunkenness, in the house of Lilith, with Coyote rising, […]

The Muse is on the loose

via EmptyMirrorBooks.com

The Muse is on the loose and wastes herself away on some cretin. A severe goer through everyday scandals. It is well worth risking a damnation or two. Almost anything stumbles upon its quest. Try to imagine the absence of your voice. La Grande Messe Des Mots resumes next to nothing. It is only a […]

Summer’s Onslaught Edging Into May

Summer Leaves / credit: http://www.freeimages.com/profile/zizzy0104

SUMMER’S ONSLAUGHT EDGING INTO MAY Summer’s onslaught edging into May bakes this swampy yard. Iced coffee levels out the day outside and the guest room has a bed and fan cool as petals on the water …the mind is groggy old…it’s true but no matter what they say about the sky outside the sky outside […]

On Leaving Peru: 5 poems by Todd Clouser

image credit: http://www.freeimages.com/profile/aranuir

Even the Crows are Colored Here Even the crows are colored here Water in the Sky foots prints to forever rivers While the woman of Betania makes lunch for the hurried thinkers, I am Even the crows are colored here Where every music exists with no string Wordless verse from the branches And the morning […]