2 Poems by Michael Mark

Alec Clayton fiction - I'm For an Art

Baby’s got a hot blog

She tells her darkest secrets
to her 8000 unique visitors.

Staring into her screen so passionately
I believe it could melt.
I would.

When I whisper my fear
that I am losing her to her audience
she looks in my eyes and says,
“That would make a great status update.”

If it was another man, I’d fight,
but there are just too many of them.

She gets 15 new friend requests a day
and they are better listeners,
more supportive.

She tweets that she’s on her fourth iced tea and
they instantly respond she is their hero.
I admit I don’t do that.
She’s better off with them.

Our sex is by the white light
of her iPad that shares our bed,
its rapid, rhythmless pings
destroying my concentration.

I start thinking,
they are watching, commenting,
clicking their thumbs up, sharing helpful tips,
feeling she is more with them than me.

I am sure we will stay in touch.
She won’t defriend me.
She hates to lose followers.
And of course there’s my side of the family
who don’t amount to much but then
they have friends and so on.

At dinner I will break the news
by changing my relationship status
on Facebook.

Learning who we are

“Ap-ple” they pointed,
with mouths so close,
breathing all knowledge
into us.

We exhaled back, “Uh-pa.”

They threw us high, “Apple!”


“Dog,” “cow,” of course, ‘Momma.’

Then we learned who we are.

Became that sound,
moved into its body.

And fell
through its space
when the only girl in the world
said who she loved
and it wasn’t our name
on her lips.


  1. Sue Montgomery says

    I love the poems, Michael. I think Baby’s Got a Hot Blog does everything the movie “Her” tried to do but is so much better. Congratulations. It’s wonderful work.

  2. michael mark says

    Thanks for reading these poems and for commenting. Empty Mirror has wonderful, thoughtful word by talented people and I was lucky to be included. And I will not change my relationship status on Facebook or anywhere else when it comes to my baby.

  3. michael mark says

    Thank you all for reading the poems and for the support. I deeply appreciate it, because poets do things deeply. :)

  4. Kymberly (@KymberlyFunFit) says

    You have sex? Then obviously your “wifey personage fictional character” is not paying enough attention to her blog.

  5. ERIN HOYE says


  6. Elly says

    Michael…”became that sound…moved into its body” so beautifully stated and so apt about how all words and sounds resonate deep within becoming us. Love both of these. Thank you so much!

  7. says

    Hey Michael, I read recently that a writing teacher told his students, “don’t focus on writing great stories. Write great sentences.” You’ve written some, which as you know is no small thing. These are poems and they deserved publication. Brave of you to write a poem about blogging. The overlooked obvious is where the action is. Your instincts are right on the money, as always. Be well.

  8. says

    Congratulations. I envy you. Your poems are good. Sigh. It’s not often a poem makes me belly laugh and you succeeded. Good job! So much talent in one family is an inspiration.

  9. says


    Words are potent messages and I love yours. Hope the make-up sex was worth it and Lois didn’t make you say this. Pretty soon you will have 8000 devoted followers on your blog. Fight fire with fire. You are a great writer.
    See if you hadn’t retired you would never have known what Lois did all day.

  10. Susan Mayson says

    What a beautiful arrangement of words. Such talent between you and your “hot blogger.” Please don’t change your relationship status, on Facebook or otherwise though, ok?

  11. tauna austin says

    Such a gift you have been given Michael, to select words that string together while drawing us in, much like my favorite old turquoise bead necklace. thank you.

  12. Kim Jorgensen Gane says

    Hmmm…. To share with my hubby or not? Maybe I’ll ask Lois. :D

    Love that the two of you have such a playful banter. I suppose this is her payback for the purple sweater. Thanks for sharing your talent. I sense there will come a day when she switches the she’s to he’s and the hers to hims and reposts this.

  13. Kim LePiane says

    Fun and playful Michael, with your Baby and her Hot Blog! I am still learning who I am from the mouths of those I adore! It is great to get a peek into your world.

  14. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    Michael, you can count me as your newest, truest fan. I LOVE these poems! I also love your wife, but I think you knew that.

  15. says

    Love both, but the first one is a real gem!! And if you ever decide to start a support group I know of a husband who would totally join you!! Thanks for a great laugh! (Of course I learned of your great post from a certain blogger!!)

  16. Susan says

    This is what poetry should be….thought provoking imagery and raw emotions provoke a visceral and almost haunting reaction. I find myself still thinking about the poems long after i have finished reading them. Thanks for sharing….

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