6 short poems by Sparrow


I shrug
when I’d


Overheard on the Subway

“Bedbugs make me horny.”


A lone car on Route 28
at 5:22 AM – leaving the
night shift? Rushing to a
doctor? Or just wandering
(American wandering)?

3 Lines I Love

She has heard a whisper say,
Love hither makes his best retreat:
Like black leaves wheeling in the wind.

[Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Andrew Marvell, Oscar Wilde]

TV Shows That Failed

America’s Most Wanted Gift Coupons
America’s Most Wanted Shoelaces
America’s Most Wanted Floral Arrangements

Buddhist Breakthrough

When I harm others, I harm myself.
When I harm myself, I harm others.

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About Sparrow

Sparrow lives in the Catskill Mountains, in a doublewide trailer, with his wife Violet Snow. He is currently listening to Stan Getz. You can find him on Twitter at @sparrow14.

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