Music and Sleep

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photo © dlritter

Shot in the eye
Pistol dust
This is our city
Victor says hello
In an undressed Mexican accent
As I pass with my guitar
All the cement
Underneath us
Sun fight for Earth
Tepid warmth, like snakeblood
Scars on their hearts

He’s still laying in bed
Rehearsal is two blocks away
I just want to sleep
Held by silence
Converse in dream
But the sun
The heart thin glass of the old bedroom door

There is so much happening out there

Conscience and shame wake first
Make something of a day
And I can’t help feeling
That I am a spent bullet
Shot by some desperate hunter
At the greatest desperate kill
The jungle hero
So much of life already over
Lived for us
I wonder whats left for me to decide
As Pedro opens the door to the studio
Drums, shakers, guitar chord
Sun I thank you and beg you for the waking

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About Todd Clouser

A young, genre-defying guitarist, composer, and writer, Todd Clouser is an accomplished musician across the creative music spectrum, leading a unique path to recognition as an act to watch, finding his own voice performing with musicians from Keb Mo to "downtown" NYC jazz legend Steven Bernstein. Clouser's impassioned performances run from piano balladry to dense jazz and groove, exciting audiences with an approach meant to bend the rules of artistic labeling. "A Love Electric" documents Todd's most aggressive ensemble yet, an energetic group based in the stylings of 70's era electric musics. The February 2013 release of The Naked Beat, Clouser's third album of the year, marks the first record to feature his wildly engaging vocals. Think Zappa meets Burroughs with the songwriting sensibilities of Beck and Hendrixian guitar heroics. Clouser is an original, always evolving, and always honest to the spirit of the imagination. In addition to Todd's website, you can find him on Twitter and YouTube.

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