The Muse is on the loose


The Muse is on the loose and wastes herself away
on some cretin.
A severe goer through everyday scandals.
It is well worth risking a damnation or two.
Almost anything stumbles upon its quest.

Try to imagine the absence of your voice.
La Grande Messe Des Mots
resumes next to nothing.

It is only a gradual misconceiving that alerts the beginning
and the end of the days.

The widths of the most important
poet of your neighborhood
eradicate the rest of the absolutions.

Place Bernard Halpern, Paris
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About Yannis Livadas

Yannis Lividas is a contemporary Greek poet, editor, scholar (of American postmodern literature and classical poetry of the Far East) and translator. His poems have been widely published worldwide. He lives in Paris, France., at, and on Wikipedia (English)/(Greek).

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