Review – The Rag No. 5

The Rag no. 5The editors call The Rag “a biannual electronic magazine, featuring contemporary short fiction, poetry and art…neither printed nor published on a website, but distributed to its subscribers via e-reading formats.”

Edited by Seth Porter and Dan Reilly (who sent me a review copy), The Rag #5 (Winter/Spring 2013) includes 18 pieces of writing, four of them poems, the rest short fiction.

The editors don’t seem to subscribe to any particular ideology except quality. The Rag #5 is a carefully curated collection, bringing solid writing by a group of writers varied in style and experience into a well-thought-out, cohesive whole. Though the stories are not on any common theme, there’s a gritty feeling to many of them, exploring violence, drugs and the seedy side of life.

Meredith Robinson’s dreamlike art is interspersed throughout the issue. Some feature feature anthropomorphized animals – foxes, leopards, chickens, tigers – often juxtaposed with rabbits. Another pictures a man falling out of an upturned house-box. They are surreal and mesmerizing.

Oddly, there’s no contact information or website given inside the issue, so if you have a copy of The Rag, best to bookmark their website,, lest you forget where you got it or would like to submit your work.

You can buy a copy of Rag at or at Amazon.


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