4 Paintings by Weldon Sandusky

Artist’s Statement: I am an acrylic artist using human figures to comment on sexuality and relationships.

Deaf, by Weldon Sandusky


Escapees by Weldon Sandusky


Girl in a Swing by Weldon Sandusky

Girl in a Swing

Lovers by Weldon Sandusky


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About Weldon Sandusky

Weldon Sandusky graduated from Texas Tech University in 1968 with a B.A. in English, and subsequently earned an M.A. in English and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin. Divorce followed as did commitment to the private psychiatric hospital, Timberlawn, in Dallas, and, later, the State Mental Asylum in Terrell , Texas. He petitioned for habeas corpus claiming a conspiracy to unlawfully commit him existed in violation of his constitutional rights

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