7 Abstract paintings by Alec Clayton

Artist’s Statement: These are abstract paintings through which I have attempted to capture the feel, but not necessarily the look, of movement of animals and people in nature, combining the gestures of abstract expressionism with patterning, and with an emphasis on color and texture.

Alien Birth by Alec Clayton

Alien Birth

Bird on a Wire by Alec Clayton

Bird on a Wire

Dervish by Alec Clayton


Independence Day by Alec Clayton

Independence Day

Jack's Back by Alec Clayton

Jack’s Back

Northern Exposure by Alec Clayton

Northern Exposure

Oddland by Alec Clayton


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About Alec Clayton

Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Alec Clayton has a Masters in painting and drawing from East Tennessee State University, and taught in the Art Dept. at University of Southern Mississippi. He now lives in Olympia, Washington where he works as a freelance writer, and is currently an art critic for the Weekly Volcano and The News Tribune, both in Tacoma, WA. Alec's paintings have been shown throughout the U.S. and is currently represented by B2 Fine Arts in Tacoma. He's also the author of seven novels and a book of art criticism.


  1. Nice work Alec. Like the drawing and structure for the color. I am working to find that in my paintings. R

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