Diorama: Photographs by Ido Abramsohn

Artist’s Statement

Models of Israeli soldiers and Palestinian insurgents and civilians were photographed and enlarged to human size. The new scale of the models casts the original meaning of the images in doubt, and enables us to scrutinize the stereotypical perception of the image of the “good” and “bad” soldier, as well as to examine local stereotypes of the Israeli as opposed to the Palestinian.

The models are made of plastic resin and used for diorama modeling. Created mainly by western manufacturers, the Israeli soldiers are portrayed as a legitimate force, while the Palestinian soldiers are mostly portrayed as outlaws. The character of the conflict, which takes place in an urban environment, invites a representation of types that supposedly characterize the Arab population, among them women and children.

The individual soldier and civilian type represents a sector of the population engaged in the conflict. This representation is translated into a model that refers to actual events and draws on the collective pool of imagery found in the media and in mass culture. The frozen movements augment the moment of life and death as well as create symbolic and heavily charged imagery.

Ido Abramsohn - Arab Woman

Arab Woman

Ido Abramsohn - Captured


Ido Abramsohn - Civilian Photographer

Civilian Photographer

Ido Abramsohn - Dromedary


Ido Abramsohn - Insurgent Guerilla Set 2

Insurgent Guerilla Set 2

Ido Abramsohn - Israeli Assault 1

Israeli Assault 1

Ido Abramsohn - Israeli Assault 2

Israeli Assault 2

Ido Abramsohn - PLO Guerilla

PLO Guerilla

Ido Abramsohn - Roadblock


Ido Abramsohn - Street Corner

Street Corner

Ido Abramsohn - Surrendering Arab

Ido Abramsohn – Surrendering Arab

Ido Abramsohn - Welcome to Lebanon 1

Welcome to Lebanon 1

Ido Abramsohn - Welcome to Lebanon 2

Welcome to Lebanon 2

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About Ido Abramsohn

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Ido Abramsohn currently lives and works in New York City. He received his B.A. in photography from Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem. Abramsohn’s work has been exhibited around the world, including Haifa Museum of Art, Bronx Museum of Art, Museum on the Seam, and Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair. He is the recipient of Sotheby’s Under the Hammer Award for emerging artists and of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Grant and participated in the Bronx Museum’s Artists in the Market Place residency. Abramsohn is expected to participate in the 2014 Camera Club of New York’s Darkroom Residency. Visit him at idoabramsohn.com

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