Dreams, Reflections of the City: Paintings by Ricker Winsor

Artist’s statement: People ask how it is that I am living in Bali and making paintings of the city; a good question. I grew up in and around New York City and lived in other cities as well. All of those early impressions, and later ones inspired by looking out at Dhaka, Bangladesh from the roof of my apartment building for two years, driving through night streets illuminated by neon and dusky light bulbs; all that penetrates deep, coming out in dreams, memories and reflections, coming out finally in oil paint on canvas, a fine structure for the color.

Bright Lights Big City by Ricker Winsor
Bright Lights Big City
City 1 by Ricker Winsor
City 1
City 2 by Ricker Winsor
City 2
City 3 by Ricker Winsor
City 3
City 4 by Ricker Winsor
City 4
City 5 by Ricker Winsor
City 5
City 6 by Ricker Winsor
City 6
City 7 by Ricker Winsor
City 7
Mumble Jumble by Ricker Winsor
Mumble Jumble
My Own Tacoma by Ricker Winsor
My Own Tacoma
Nite in the City by Ricker Winsor
Nite in the City

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