New Abstract Paintings from Bali

Artists’s Statement: These are my new paintings in oil and oil pastel, rather small at 11 x 14 to 16 x 20. I want to start gradually working bigger. It has taken almost 6 months of trying to get back into the flow because of the transition from Trinidad to Bali but I am in it now and at it every day.

A Lid for Every Pot by Ricker Winsor

A Lid for Every Pot

Inner Space by Ricker Winsor

Inner Space

Making My Mark by Ricker Winsor

Making My Mark

My Drone by Ricker Winsor

My Drone

No Name Cafe by Ricker Winsor

No Name Cafe

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About Ricker Winsor

Ricker Winsor studied English at Brown University and Painting and Drawing at Rhode Island School of Design where he received an MFA. His first book, Pakuwon City, Letters from the East, was published in Olympia, Washington by Claytonworks is available at Amazon. A lot of his work, essays, and short fiction has been published at “Reflets du Temps” in France and also translated into French. He is a frequent contributor to Empty Mirror Books. Ricker's home base is Vermont but he is an international teacher living now in Trinidad and next year in Bali, Indonesia. Visit him at, on Facebook and Twitter.

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