New Abstract Paintings from Bali

My Drone (detail) by Ricker Winsor

Artists’s Statement: These are my new paintings in oil and oil pastel, rather small at 11 x 14 to 16 x 20. I want to start gradually working bigger. It has taken almost 6 months of trying to get back into the flow because of the transition from Trinidad to Bali but I am in […]

4 Paintings by Weldon Sandusky

Deaf, by Weldon Sandusky (detail)

Artist’s Statement: I am an acrylic artist using human figures to comment on sexuality and relationships.

A Form of View: Photography by Yoav Friedländer

copyright Yoav Friedlander

Artist’s Statement The obvious similarity between photographs (as they are the result of recording the visible light) and reality had been confusing me since I was a child. Photographs promised me a vision of a reality from the past or a visualization of a current reality that is geographically inaccessible to me. In a sense […]


Taxidermy 1 detail - Dana Stirling

Artist’s statement: We regularly use taxidermy of insects in order to define, categorize and understand them. With all this great variety of insects people are still able to decide whether they’re looking at a butterfly or dragonfly using common characteristics they know. Using Photoshop I’ve created new insects out of the ones I photographed. My […]

Seven Artworks by Gloria Avner

Collage by Gloria Avner

For years Gloria Avner has explored and taught ancient batik painting techniques using ink, wax, and watercolor on delicate Ginwashi ricepaper. Her collages enter a different realm, often focusing on tribal themes evolved from years of travel and study in Asia, Africa, and South America. Forty days ago she embarked on a new series: daily […]

A Loss of Innocence

Apparition of Poverty by Rachel Davis

Artist’s statement: That art brings to expression a naked spirituality without any necessary basis in religion (though religious themes are a fine tool in art as well). My favorite art was done in the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century including and up to New York School and I have therefor learned the most […]

5 Artworks by bruno neiva

por aí, etc. (detail) / bruno neiva

These artworks by bruno neiva are taken from several ongoing series of arte povera, found art and text art.

A Gallery of Paintings by Santiago Ribeiro

detail of painting by Santiago Ribeiro

Photography: Verboten by Samy Sfoggia

Verboten by Samy Sfoggia

The photographic series titled Verboten (“Prohibited”) is focused on characters that usually are called “outsiders”. Verboten consists of staged photographs that are based on 1920s criminal mugshots. The images were captured with a film camera (a Zorki-C model) and digitalized by scanning the negatives. Each model was photographed only fivefold and in ambient light. Many […]

Insomniacs: New Photography by Fabio Sassi

Insomniac 3 - Fine art photography by Fabio Sassi