On Relationships: 6 Artworks by Katie Pfeiffer

PORTRAIT OF A NARCISSIST MAN - copyright Katie Pfeiffer
PORTRAIT OF A NARCISSIST MAN. 2010. Pen& ink on watercolor paper, 10x13 inches.
PORTRAIT OF A NARCISSIST WOMAN - copyright Katie Pfeiffer
PORTRAIT OF A NARCISSIST WOMAN. 2012. Pen and Ink on paper, 10x13 inches.
PLAY YOUR MIND GAMES WITH SOMEONE ELSE - copyright Katie Pfeiffer - digital 2012
DIGITAL CAD - copyright Katie Pfeiffer.
DIGITAL CAD. 2012. Digital.
FORGET ABOUT ME- PLEASE! - copyright Katie Pfeiffer
DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR - copyright Katie Pfeiffer
DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR. 2012. Digital, from a Japanese antique watercolor painting on paper, 6x8 inches.

Artist’s Statement

Relationships dominate my life. The relationships I have with other people and the one I have with myself. I explore these personal interactions through art . My focus on color and humor are meant to draw the viewer into my world. The darkness in my work is more emotional than physical. My ultimate goal is always to expose the mental and emotional darkness and negativity to the light in order to heal myself and others who have had similar experiences.”

Katie Pfeiffer

Born in 1964 in Chicago, Il.
Moved to Paris, France in 1967
Moved to Palo Alto, California in 1969
In 1982 I moved to a suburb of Melbourne, Australia for a year.

I didn’t start making art until I moved to Eugene, Oregon in the early 80s. I studied writing and film analysis.
I started making humorous collages mocking photographs of celebrities with James Thurber type drawn figures and titles.

In 1986 I was admitted to the San Francisco Art Institute on the spot. Initially I had made an appointment to show my portfolio.
I didn’t think I had a chance in hell of getting accepted.

I graduated in December 1989 with a BFA in painting.
Around 1989 I started studying astrology and metaphysics.

I always dreamed of moving to the East Coast.
One morning in late November, I woke up and decided to go.
I sold everything I owned and moved a few weeks later.
Philadelphia is where I landed. I have lived in many places in and around Philly.

I have become certified in fabric design and television production.

My interests range from organic foods, cooking & herbs to Buddhism, spirituality, film, theater, music, dance & fashion and rescuing and caring for animals.

I love flea markets and thrift stores and I have huge collection of cool vintage children’s picture books, vintage cookbooks and art instruction books.
I also collect vintage folk art, vintage photographs and vintage clothing.

In September of 2011, I finally acquired the tools to explore creating digital images.
It has been thrilling and exciting for me to learn.
I’m constantly making mistakes and falling down but I am fine with that.

I have been building a store on Zazzle with various merchandise with my digital imagery. My art is also available as prints and on canvas at Saatchi Online and Red Bubble.