Saint Celluloid

Artist’s Statement: Saint Celluloid is a series of self-portraits exploring both the vulnerability and immortality of the film star as well as the potentially oppressive and regressive culture of fame. These images were Inspired by the idea of instrumental transcommunication (ITC), a term coined by Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s to refer to communication through any sort of electronic device between discarnate entities and the living.

These images portray the iconic film star archetype as fleeting ghosts trapped within a screen and glimpsed as passing phantoms. The effects for this series were created by making several short moving portraits on video which were then looped on a movie screen. The screen was covered with sheer veils which were manipulated as the moving portraits were captured in long exposure.

Audition - Kalliope Amorphous


Just Dance - Kalliope Amorphous

Just Dance

Kiss - Kalliope Amorphous


Know Me - Kalliope Amorphous

Know Me

Lonely Is A Number - Kalliope Amorphous

Lonely Is A Number

No Death - Kalliope Amorphous

No Death

Pressed - Kalliope Amorphous


Silver - Kalliope Amorphous


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About Kalliope Amorphous

Kalliope Amorphous is a visual artist working with conceptual and experimental self portrait photography. Using her own image as a prop to create the protagonists of her stories, Kalliope is the model, stylist and photographer of all of her images. Through the self portrait, she explores the fluid nature of identity, myth and archetype. Self-taught in photography, Kalliope creates her own alternative processes and methodologies using handmade and alternative lighting as well as experimenting with textiles, surfaces and in-camera distortion techniques. She has received worldwide recognition for her work in creative self-portraiture. Her photographs have been published and exhibited throughout the United States and internationally. Visit Kalliope's website and blog. You can also find her on Twitter. Some of her work is available for purchase here.

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