Seven Artworks by Gloria Avner

For years Gloria Avner has explored and taught ancient batik painting techniques using ink, wax, and watercolor on delicate Ginwashi ricepaper. Her collages enter a different realm, often focusing on tribal themes evolved from years of travel and study in Asia, Africa, and South America. Forty days ago she embarked on a new series: daily digital sketches, abstract, humorous and wildly imaginative.

Roots by Gloria Avner


Collage 12 12 by Gloria Avner

Collage 12 12

Portrait of a Poet by Gloria Avner

Portrait of a Poet

Heron by Gloria Avner


Boddhisattva Dreaming by Gloria Avner

Boddhisattva Dreaming

No Boundaries by Gloria Avner

No Boundaries

Maestro by Gloria Avner


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About Gloria Avner

Gloria Avner is a painter and poet living in Key Largo, Florida. She attended Berkeley in the days of the Free Speech Movement, lived in London and journeyed to Morocco and India. For many years she ran a gallery of tribal art. Now she lives with the poet David Gitin and the wondercat Yuli.

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