Seven Artworks by Gloria Avner

For years Gloria Avner has explored and taught ancient batik painting techniques using ink, wax, and watercolor on delicate Ginwashi ricepaper. Her collages enter a different realm, often focusing on tribal themes evolved from years of travel and study in Asia, Africa, and South America. Forty days ago she embarked on a new series: daily digital sketches, abstract, humorous and wildly imaginative.

Roots by Gloria Avner
Collage 12 12 by Gloria Avner
Collage 12 12
Portrait of a Poet by Gloria Avner
Portrait of a Poet
Heron by Gloria Avner
Boddhisattva Dreaming by Gloria Avner
Boddhisattva Dreaming
No Boundaries by Gloria Avner
No Boundaries
Maestro by Gloria Avner

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