Artist’s statement: We regularly use taxidermy of insects in order to define, categorize and understand them. With all this great variety of insects people are still able to decide whether they’re looking at a butterfly or dragonfly using common characteristics they know.

Using Photoshop I’ve created new insects out of the ones I photographed. My new insects have nothing to do with practicality; they wouldn’t be able to fly if existed.

I created them with parts of different insects while trying to imitate the most basic distinguishable characteristics of common insects.

The results are meaningless shapes made out of insect parts that we can call or define as a beetle or butterfly by mistake.

Taxidermy 1 - Dana Stirling
Taxidermy 1
Taxidermy 2 - Dana Stirling
Taxidermy 2
Taxidermy 3 - Dana Stirling
Taxidermy 3
Taxidermy 4 - Dana Stirling
Taxidermy 4
Taxidermy 5 - Dana Stirling
Taxidermy 5

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