Book Release – The Life of Ling Ling: A Novella About Iraq

The Life of Ling Ling by Jerad AlexanderIn The Life of Ling Ling, the Marines of Combat Outpost Bordelon are weeks away from going home. Buried fantasies of a peaceful future rise to the surface as returning home from Iraq alive suddenly seems real.

But for Sergeant Timothy Square, his own destructive bravado and eagerness to embrace the warlike culture where he thrives may have cost him the one bit of peace he has waiting for him: his wife Crystal.

Only after confronting an act of wretchedness involving a young Iraqi girl does Square finally learn the brutal fallacy of his worldview, though it may be too late.

Jerad W. Alexander is the associate editor of The Blue Falcon: A Journal of Military Fiction and editor-at-large for The Journal of Military Experience. From 1998-2006 he served as a U.S. Marine infantryman and combat correspondent with deployments to the Mediterranean, the Horn of Africa, and Iraq. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Life of Ling Ling: A Novella About Iraq is available now at Amazon.